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Whether you are seeking to protect your home, factory or office from destructive termites or to safeguard the health and safety of the occupants from disease carrying cockroaches, rats, pigeon droppings, venomous spiders, fleas, ants, wasps or other pest infestations WR Gay has the answer.
Same Family Business Since 1960 WR GAY Termite & Pest Control Melbourne is a second generation family business operating in Melbourne & Gippsland regions for more than 50 years.
Unmatched Technical Expertise WR GAY Termite & Pest Control Melbourne has acquired a wealth of professional experience, highly trained personnel and expertise, unmatched by their competitors.
FREE Termite Inspection & Quote for Long Term Protection if you find live termites in your home or immediate surrounds WR GAY will, at no cost to you, attend your premises to survey the problem in order to provide a written quote and advice on long term protection from termite infestations.
Termite Inspection Report to AS.3660 usually costs about $250 for an average size home depending on the time involved limitations difficulty of inspection access and the type of construction.

FREE Quotes for Pest Control services in domestic and small commercial premises quotes are reliably provided over the phone contact WR GAY Termite & Pest Control Melbourne 1300 731 979

Large Commercial Premises WR Gay will at no cost attend and inspect the premises to provide a written quote with specifications to comply with Local Council & Food Act Vic Regulations.

WARNING Be careful selecting a pest controller it's far too easy to get a pest control licence in Victoria and start up a termite and pest control business employing mainly trainees with inadequate knowledge and experience in professional pest control matters click here for more details.
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  Termites Attack 1 in 4 homes in the Melbourne VIC region  

Termites are a major worry Recent industry surveys suggest that about one in four homes situated in the Melbourne VIC region will suffer a termite infestation.

Beware To make matters worse your home insurance policy will NOT cover the damage from termites which may involve costly replacement of structural timbers in the floor, wall and roof.
Most homes in the Melbourne VIC region are at significant risk of termite attack, especially where eucalypt gum trees are close by within a 100 meter radius of the building.
termites can build a sub-nest in a wall cavity of a home   Picture of a Termite Nest inside a Wall Cavity
Termite inspector examines a large above-ground termite nest built inside a wall cavity of a home.
Termites build such nests usually where moisture collects inside the wall cavity often from leaking pipes shower recess faulty guttering and down-pipes.

Your best protection is to arrange for a Termite Inspection & Report to AS.3660, including written specifications for a complete Termidor soil barrier treatment, where practicable, to protect your home.
Termite Inspection & Report to AS.3660 usually costs about $250 for an average size home depending on the time involved inspection access type of construction other rrelevant factors.
Where live Termite activity is found WR GAY Termite & Pest Control Melbourne will install especially designed termite bait stations containing a Exterra Termite Bait The bait stations are periodically monitored usually 2 to 3 weekly intervals to assess termite bait consumption and replenish bait therein.
Exterra Termite Bait contains an IGR insect growth regulator that prevents the worker termite from regrowing it's external skeleton after moulting Worker termites ingesting the bait will feed partly digested timber and the bait to other termites in the central nest Termites cannablise other dead termites thereby hastening elimination of the entire colony click here for more details
  WR GAY Termite & Pest Control uses the Safest most Effective products  
  Safety first: Recently a new range of pest control products have entered the marketplace, including hi-tech baits for the control of termites, cockroaches and ants Although much safer to use in and around the home these products require a far higher level of skill to ensure an effective result.
  For professional pest control WR GAY uses safer most effective products commercially available in Australia - but are more expensive than older style hazardous alternatives.
Termidor and Premise soil treatment termiticides and the Exterra Termite Baiting System are used as the most effective and safer for use in and around the home.
Premise soil treatment termiticide was developed and is made by Bayer Australia.
Premise & Termidor provide effective for long term protection from subterranean termites they exhibit a delayed lethal effect enough time to be transferred back to the central colony often resulting in the complete eradication of the termite colony.

Exterra Termite Bait is very low hazard product once eaten by termites it stops their moulting process so they die the delayed lethal effect allows time for the bait to be fed by regurgitation to other termites highly effective at termite colony elimination.

BEWARE the older style more toxic pesticides (solvent based) are commonly used by the fly by night "cut-price" operators in the local pest control industry refer to the Consumer Advice section of this website for consumer protection advice on selecting a professional termite and pest control service.

  Why it's important for the Home Owner to know about Termites  

Don't risk it Your General Home Insurance does NOT cover termite damage to structural or decorative timbers in your home or other buildings Termites are highly efficient timber destroyers they are known to destroy roof and wall framing timbers within a few months in the Melbourne VIC Region.

termite   We recommend to read the Termites section herein to help you assess your home's level of risk and which termite control methods will best protect your property.
Alternative termite control and eradication methods aim at exploiting behavioural characteristics of subterranean termites in varying types of building situations.

Click here for detailed information on Termites in the Melbourne Vic Region


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