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  About Bed Bugs and Bed Bug pest control methods  
  Bed bug life cycle - starts as an egg - hatches into a nymph - five moults to adulthood - adults and nymphs feed every 2 to 3 days - for 3 to 5 minutes at night in the early morning hours - return to their hiding areas usually within a few metres from the bed - can survive for long periods between meals.
Adverse skin reactions - often occurs - the Bed Bug injects an anti-coagulant chemical into your bloodstream - to prevent the blood from clotting - so the bed bug to suck out the blood at will.
Infection of bite area - the anti-coagulant makes the bite area highly irritant - worse for people with soft sensitive skin - scratching causes infection - consult a Doctor or Chemist to obtain medication.
  Professional Pest Control for Bed Bugs  
  What to do - firstly collection information - read this website thoroughly - discuss with occupants of affected premises - location of beds with bed bugs - intensity of infestation - other nearby rooms etc. 

Contact a pest controller - discuss the circumstances of the problem - ask about the pesticides used - any safety issues - see APCA Consumer Advice on selecting a pest controller .... more details

Professional inspection - likely areas of bed bug infestation - all potential daytime bed bug harbourage areas - inspected for evidence of infestation - live adults and nymphs - blood dot droppings.

Insecticidal treatment - using professional strength products Federal Govt AVPMA registered for Bed Bug control - using specialised application equipment - aerosol direct applicator - fogging machine.
Safety first is the best policy - we use professional strength Bed Bug insecticidal dust and aerosol applications to the Bed Bug daytime hiding areas - the bed frame - base - bed head - legs - plastic molding around edge of mattress - skirting boards - floor boards - picture rails - curtain fixtures - picture frames - light switches - power points - wardrobes - bedside tables - gaps in furniture - fixtures.
Fumigation fogging - usually required for severe infestations - we use specialised fogging equipment - the entire room is fogged with a Pyrethrum insecticide - very low hazard to humans - safer than common salt - often recommended as essential to flush out bed bugs from their concealed hiding areas.
Housekeeping tips - all clothing - bed linen - curtains - fabrics - should be laundered prior to insecticidal treatment - recommend sealing gaps in furniture - floor boards - cracks in wallpaper - other such areas where bed bugs can seek harbourage and hide during the daylight hours.
Close co-operation between property owner maintenance manager - and the pest controller is essential - recommended followup maintenance - cleaning procedures - to help prevent reinfestation.
Cleanliness counts - high standards of hygiene and sanitation will certainly help as an on-going preventive measure - recommend regular professional inspection for signs of bed bug infestation. Prevention of a severe bed bug infestation is more likely if regular attention is provided.
Commercial lodgings - we strongly recommend to landlords and maintenance managers obtain regular professional inspection and insecticidal treatments where bed bug infestations are likely to remain a problem - it will save you time and money - less vacancies - more rental income in the medium term.
Do NOT attempt DIY Bed Bug pest control - do NOT use a insecticide spray can on bed-linen or mattress - you will be prosecuted if a tenant gets sick - there are heavy fines for using an insecticide that is NOT registered for Bed Bug pest control - will not eradicate the Bed Bugs infestation.
  The cost for Professional Pest Control for bed bugs  

The professional cost for pest control of bed bugs - using professional strength low hazard Bed Bug insecticides - depends on several factors - the size of the property - intensity of infestation - number of bedrooms affected - ease of access for inspection and Bed Bug insecticidal treatment.

Domestic premises about $250 to $350 for average size 3 bedroom home.
Commercial premises - larger boarding houses - hostels - hotels - motels about $150 to $250 per room - regular follow treatment may be required for short-term occupancy premises.

Service warranties vary depending on environmental circumstances - housekeeping procedures in place - and assessed risk of reinfestation.


  Consumer Protection Advice - Pesticide Safety Issues  
  Pesticide safety be wary of very cheap prices for bed bugs control - check which pesticides are to be used - do they propose to use the far cheaper, less effective, solvent based pesticides which can be acutely harmful in premises where occupants may suffer from asthmatic or other bronchial ailments.
Be careful when selecting a pest controller it's far too easy to get a State Govt WorkCover issued Pest Control Licence and start up a pest control business - using mostly unsupervised trainees who have little knowledge of bed bug pest species or bed bug control pesticides .... more details
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