Pest Control for Silverfish ... A Common Fabric Pest
Silverfish live inside - like to eat cotton fabrics and books
Fabric destroyers - silverfish are a common pest species throughout Australia - they prefer to eat items with a high starch content - cotton fabrics - silk - paper - glues - similar organic materials - some synthetic fabrics - silverfish usually avoid woollens.
Live with you - silverfish prefer a dark quite environment - are most active at night - prefer to nest in largely unused areas - dusty roof spaces - storage rooms - basements - wall cavities - bookcases - but they may roam extensively around a building in search of new food and moisture sources..
People often find silverfish in a bath-tub where they have fallen in during their roaming in the dead of the night from the roof void and become trapped by the smooth virtical walls of the bath-tub.
Free ride and board - a silverfish infestation most often commences when the adults or their eggs are transported into the building in infested cardboard boxes - cartons - furniture - similar items.
  Pest Control Methods for Silverfish  
Initial Inspection of the premises for evidence of nesting and habitat locations - the extent of the infestation and specific pest control options available - high emphasis on safety and effectiveness.
Insecticidal treatment is often required for effective control - the roof void and wall cavities are treated with a Pyrethroid Insecticidal Dust using specialised equipment - other areas - basements - storage rooms is treated with a Pyrethroid liquid insecticidal spray.
  The cost for Professional Pest Control for silverfish  
  The cost for professional pest control of silverfish - using professional strength low hazard insecticides - depends on silverfish species - size of property - extent of infestation - ease of access - other nesting sites
Expect to pay about $150 to $250 for medium size residential premises. Commercial and manufacturing premises are quoted upon inspection. Highly problematic infestations over wide area may be more expensive.

Service warranty period may vary due to silverfish pest species - the severity of the infestation - location and access to all potential breeding areas - other environmental factors that may promote reinfestation.


  Consumer Protection Advice - Pesticide Safety Issues  
  Pesticide safety be wary of very cheap prices for silverfish control - check which pesticides are to be used - do they propose to use the far cheaper, less effective, solvent based pesticides which can be acutely harmful in premises where occupants may suffer from asthmatic or other bronchial ailments.
Be careful when selecting a pest controller it's far too easy to get a State Govt WorkCover issued Pest Control Licence and start up a pest control business - using mostly unsupervised trainees who have little knowledge of silverfish pest species or silverfish control pesticides .... more details
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