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Find a Pest Controller in SA - Click on Your Town - Adelaide - Arno Bay - Ceduna - Cowell - Gawler - Loxton - McLaren Vale - Mount Gambier - Murray Bridge - Naracoorte - Port Augusta - Port Lincoln - Port Pirie - Quorn - Renmark - Streaky Bay - Victor Harbor - Whyalla - Woomera and other South Australia towns.
Termites in SA "white-ants" are subterranean termites - learn about their destructive nature - termite biology and behavior - life-cycle of subterranean termites - the termite colony - the king and queen termite - nymphs - soldier termites - worker termites - alates "flying ants" - the termite reproductives - review termite identification pictures - Coptotermes acinaciformis - Schedorhinotermes intermedius - Coptotermes frenchi - Nasutitermes exitiosus - Coptotermes lacteus - Nasutitermes walkeri - Heterotermes ferox Termite Control Options (1) obtain a termite inspection report to AS3660 or AS 4349 (2) where practicable, ensure a chemical soil barrier treatment in carried out to AS3660 to pest control termites. Termiticides available include Termidor fipronil, Premise imidacloprid, Dursban chlorpyrifos and Biflex bifenthrin (4) termite baits may eliminate the entire termite colony - environmentally friendly termite baits include Nemesis termite bait; Exterra termite bait chlorfluazuron or diflubenzuron and Sentricon termite bait hexaflumaron.

Consumer Protection Advice from Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc - advice on selecting a pest controller in Australia - options for termite protection services - contact details to obtain local expert advice - assistance in finding a local pest controller in Australia - APCA Pest Control course - AEPMA PestCert.

Home Builders Termite Barriers installed during construction - KORDON Termite Barrier is ABCB CodeMark certified - Kordon product is manufactured and accredited by Bayer Environmental Science Australia - Kordon Termite Barrier complies with Australian Building Codes Board and local Municipal Council building requirements.

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