Pest Control in Hospitals - Nursing Homes - Health Care Facilities
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Contents: Learn about the "creepy crawlies" that invade nursing home buildings; their biology, life-cyle, problems caused and what the building owner can do to reduce the risk of a serious infestation. contains consumer protection advice on pest control methods, pesticide safety issues, quality assurance procedures, price guidelines and service warranties information.

Commercial Pest Control - what to look for

FREE inspection, comprehensive written report, quotation and specifications. The written report includes details on recommended safest pesticides suitable to the circumstances, various non-chemical options, frequency of inspection and retreatment regime, and a pricing schedule and payment terms to suit your budget.


Fully warranted service with a 24 hour emergency response to a severe pest reinfestation during the service warranty period. In most cases, the pest controller requires at least 24 hours notice (next working day) for a minor pest reinfestation during the service warranty period. 

Service Register is left on site to record treatment specifications, products to be used, related MSDS documentation, pest control services completed log, sightings of pest activity by upon the pest controller inspection or by occupants of the buildings and any recommendations for site-specific improvements. 

Use of modern equipment and vehicles - clean pest control equipment and motor vehicle - full range of equipment - tamper resistant bait stations.

Professionally trained and WorkCover licensed pest control technicians being holders of a Pest Control Certificate from TAFE or Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc. and several years experience in practical pest control.
 - Spider Identification Chart
  Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures - a Ready Reference Guide in full colour of spiders that commonly occur NSW.

Featured are the Sydney funnel web spider, red-back spider, wolf spider, white-tail spider, black house spider, huntsman spider and other spiders with notes to aid in identification.

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