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There are no species of termites in Tasmania which are destructive to buildings.
However, there are a range of other pests that inhabit domestic and commercial premises.
The older style acute toxicity pesticides (usually solvent based with an awful smell) are commonly used by the fly-by-night "cut-price" operators as an overall "blanket-spray" for general pests or in the subfloor area for termites. Some of the insect pests show chemical resistance given the widespread use of these pesticides over the last 30 years.
Unfortunately, the AUSTRALIAN pest control industry has a mixed reputation ... good and bad. It is far too easy to start up a pest control business employing people to use the hazardous pesticides who do not have the training to provide a safe and effective service. Further information in the Consumer Advice section of this website, including some important tips from The Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc. on selecting a professional pest controller.
We do not have a company to refer for professional pest control in Tasmania. However, if you are a professional pest control company in Tasmania, then please contact us, email: glenn@termite.com with details of your business operation, the number of employees, their qualifications and your Company business references. We will research and may approve your business for inclusion in this section of the termite.com website.
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