White-Tail Spider


White-tail Spiders
VENOMOUS - Can be Dangerous
White-tail spider bites can cause burning pain followed by swelling and itchiness. In some cases, blistering or local ulceration have been reported conditions known medically as necrotising arachnidism. Minor bacterial infection of the wound caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans carried by the spider, may be a contributory factor in such cases. A debate continues about the involvement of White-tail spider bite in cases of severe ulcerative skin lesions seen in patients diagnosed as probable spider bite victims. Typically, in such cases no direct evidence of spider bite is available.

Area of distribution - found across Australia, including Tasmania.

Size - usually from 12 mm up to 20 mm in length.

- this spider prefers cool places and is commonly found in garden mulch areas.

In summer it may sometimes wander into your Home to escape the heat.

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